The idea for this exhibit is one Lakota word: Takuwe. In English: Why. The focus of the exhibit is the 1890 massacre of Lakotas at Wounded Knee, but it will include historical context leading to the massacre, along with contemporary context related to land issues and opportunities at Wounded Knee today.

The exhibit will begin with positives and end with a call to action. The idea is to have over 300 Lakotas participating in the exhibit. Twenty-nine will be visual artists who create original works for the core of the exhibit. The number 29 references the 29th of December, the day of the massacre. Seven poets and seven musicians will also be included. And there will be an installation piece of 300 small artworks, each a 5-inch square. The creators of these 300 artworks will represent the 300 Lakotas who were massacred at Wounded Knee.

Exhibit partners are the Journey Museum & Learning Center, Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, and the South Dakota Art Museum.

Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS)

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Journey Museum & Learning Center

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Takuwe Exhibit




Opens March 9, 2018

Journey Museum and Learning Center

222 New York St

Rapid City, SD 57701



Wopila Tanka/Thank You

This exhibit is made possible in large part by encouragement and financial support from good people and organizations nearby and far away. If you would like to join in supporting the Takuwe exhibit, we will be grateful. Click here for more information about supporting this exhibit. All donations will be recognized and are tax deductible.

Exhibit Staff

Craig Howe, PhD


Terri Fried


Diana Pavek


Eric Zimmer, PhD



Layout of a quilt by Andrea Lekberg, part of her piece for this exhibit

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Foundation for the Preservation of American Indian Art & Culture

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