Before the sun had set that first day, there were already groans of agony. The squeals and wailing of the weaker animals filled the air. They were trampled and crushed under the heavy hooves of the giant animals. The damp earth lost its moisture under the constant beating of hooves. Pulverized dust rose skyward, choking and obliterating the flying hordes of birds above, as they circled with the animal racers down below. High above, a bird would screech and then fall to the ground, a victim of weariness, or of some accident in the air.

After many days, the string of racers stretched into a continuous ribbon of animal flesh, the faster animals overtaking the slower runners. Now, like a giant wheel in motion, the racers fell into a wild, rhythmic stomping, like a massive dance as they raced round and round in the course. The earth shook. The air above vibrated. Animals brayed hysterically, crazed from hunger and fatigue. The din and stench was nauseating. But the race sped on like a giant serpent chasing its tail.

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