Left: Participants in the 2014 Lakota Arts+Identities workshop study for their presentations.

The resources below are ones that CAIRNS refers to often while conducting research on topics important to American Indians and American Indian communities. They are organized into three categories: online, print, and reading lists developed by CAIRNS for various workshops, institutes, trainings, and seminars. Additional resources will be added periodically.

Handbook of North American Indians

William Sturtevant, Ed. Overall reference to American Indian histories and cultures.

Rights of Indians and Tribes: The Authoritative ACLU Guide to Indian and Tribal Rights

Stephen L. Pevar. Overview of rights of American Indians and Indian tribes.

American Indian Law in a Nutshell

William C. Canby. Overview of American Indian law.

Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country

Veronica E. Velarde Tiller. Statistical and summary information of reservations.



United States Census Bureau. Demographic data, both current and historical, in reservations as well as states.


Bureau of Indian Affairs. Official names and locations of tribes and their reservation capitals, as well as a source of statistical information about tribal members.


Charles J. Kappler Compilation. Indian laws and treaties.


US GenWeb Project. Maps of Indian land cessions.


Library of Congress. Primary documents including maps, photographs, and written documents.


Native American Rights Fund, National Indian Law Library. Indian law: cases, tribal codes, constitutions, etc.


Library of Congress. Extensive archive of U.S. periodicals going back to 1836.


Google Maps. Generated and satellite maps depicting reservations and neighboring geographical characteristics.



Reading Lists