According to Lakota legend, long ago there was a beautiful young woman who married a star and went to live with him in the sky. Near the due date for the birth of her baby, she inadvertently created a hole in the sky through which she could see her relatives on earth. This made her lonesome so she braided a rope to descend to them. The Tapun Sa Win exhibit focuses on a short narrative based in part on a story by James LaPointe (Oglala Lakota), that is in his 1976 book, Legends of the Lakota. Our exhibit divides the 1,095-word narrative into seven “passages.”

One innovative aspect of this exhibit is that each of the passages will be interpreted by four types of artworks—a 2-D artwork, a 3-D artwork, a poem and a song—thereby creating what we are calling “vignettes.” These seven vignettes will recount the Tapun Sa Win narrative using the passages along with artworks by 28 contemporary Lakota artists: seven poets, seven painters, seven musicians and seven 3-dimension artists.

Exhibit partners are the Journey Museum and Learning Center, and the Rapid City Area Schools’ Office of Indian Education.

Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS)

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Journey Museum and Learning Center

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Neena Mitchell

Tapun Sa Win Exhibit




April 7-July 30, 2017

Journey Museum and Learning Center

222 New York St

Rapid City, SD 57701



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Wopila Tanka/Thank You

This exhibit is made possible in large part by encouragement and financial support from good people and organizations nearby and far away. If you would like to join the persons and organizations listed below in supporting the Tapun Sa Win exhibit, we will be grateful. Click here for more information about supporting this exhibit. All donations will be recognized and are tax deductible.


Emily Waltman

Eric Zimmer

Roxann Meyer

Exhibit Staff

Craig Howe, PhD

Exhibit Curator

Tyler Young

Exhibit Manager


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Peter J. Powell Trust

Strengthening the Circle

Vignette Receptions

Community organizations from the Black Hills region that serve American Indians are hosting public receptions at the Journey Museum for the artists of each vignette. The reception dates are below.

April 7

April 28

May 19

May 26

June 9

June 23

July 7


Conceptual sketch by Andrea Lekberg of her piece for Passage Topa