This exhibit is being funded in part by in-kind contributions from the Journey Museum and Learning Center, and the Office of Indian Education at the Rapid City Area Schools. We invite you to join them in supporting the Tapun Sa Win exhibit by making a financial contribution. We greatly appreciate you doing so.


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Community organizations that mostly serve American Indians in the Black Hills region will host receptions for the artists of the seven vignettes. During these receptions, featured artists who can attend will perform and/or present their songs, poems and artworks. Contact us if your organization is interested in being a host!


Your name appears on the Tapun Sa Win webpage and you receive our heart-felt thanks for supporting the Tapun Sa Win exhibit.

Native POP: People of the Plains

The fifth annual one day juried Native American fine art show and cultural celebration featuring established and emerging artists, music and dance performances. Free, family-friendly, community event. July 15, 2017. Main Street Square, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Omniciye Rotary Club

The Omniciye Rotary Club was established as a satellite of Rushmore Rotary. Rotary International is the largest service organization in the world, with over one million members. Uniquely diverse, the club consists of volunteers committed to effecting positive change in the community by promoting peace and respect among all people.

The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School

One of the earliest cultural centers and museums located in an Indian reservation in the United States, The Heritage Center represents the rich and storied heritage of North America’s Native community and the skill and creativity that remain mainstays of the local Lakota and other Native American cultures.

Lakota Funds

Lakota Funds is a Native CDFI providing tribal members on and near the Pine Ridge Reservation with business loan capital, technical assistance and asset building tools.  Lakota Funds has provided over $8M in loan capital for startups, expansion, operating and improvements for businesses on and near Pine Ridge for the last 30 years. With support from First People’s Fund and Surdna, they offer artist-specific loan products, equity injections and artist-specific training.

Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce

The PRACC is an association of business people  working together to make the Pine Ridge area a better place in which to live, work and raise a family. As a non-profit corporation their purpose is to create, sustain and enhance Indian-owed businesses that will improve the quality of life in Pine Ridge Reservation. The PRACC applies the Laḳota values of honesty, wisdom, respect, courage, fortitude, responsibility and generosity to the economic setting.

Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation

Thunder Valley CDC is an Oglala Lakota nonprofit organization on the Pine Ridge Reservation that is building a Regenerative Community Development as a way to overpower intergenerational poverty and build momentum toward regional equity. Their main programmatic focus areas are: Food Sovereignty, Housing, Lakota Language, Social Enterprise, Workforce Development and Youth.

Rapid City Community Conversations

Rapid City Community Conversations (RCCC) was formed as a native-led grassroots movement. Their mission is to foster a citizen dialogue that collaborates with community leaders to design innovative approaches to steadily reverse the long history of institutional and individual racism in the Rapid City community. Native and non-native citizens are co-creating a new community that keeps safe all of the people who live there.