Lakota Poet and Educator Donates Manuscript to CAIRNS

Lydia Whirlwind Soldier was born at home in Bad Nation, Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. She attended Indian boarding schools for 12 years, receiving a high school diploma from Flandreau Indian School, and then she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Sinte Gleska University and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Penn State. Her first book of poems was Memory Songs. She is donating her recent collection of poetry to CAIRNS “because of their work in promoting cultural awareness, and supporting culturally responsive and relevant materials for education.” Lydia explained that, “CAIRNS offers significant resources for student learning, for teacher use in classrooms, and for the community at large through museum exhibits in Native arts. Thank you,” she concluded, “for all that CAIRNS provides to improve education about L/N/Dakota culture, history, language and traditions.” 

CAIRNS is blessed and honored to be entrusted with publishing her collection of 41 poems. Its title will be Survival Songs. Wopila Tanka :: Thank You to Lydia for this wonderful gift.