Dwayne Wilcox Featured in New Book

Visual/Language: The Ledger Drawings of Dwayne Wilcox, is a beautiful new book featuring the artwork of an artist who has created works for all six of the educational art exhibitions created by CAIRNS.  The book includes the following blurb by the CAIRNS director: Dwayne Wilcox is a master artist who captures instances of everyday Native American life in iconic ledger-style drawings. In this amazing collection, Dwayne draws us into his version of the local Lakota boy who leaves home to see the world, then as an adult comes back and regales us with compelling artworks and stories about the breadth of human experiences such as childhood games, adolescent loves, exciting adventures, tragic losses, and disturbing dysfunctions. These common themes are strikingly presented in his unique drawing style, yet what makes Visual/Language a lasting treasure are the personal commentaries he writes to accompany each piece. Reading them is like listening to Dwayne tell stories while sitting on the patio chairs in the side yard of his home. They are his authentic voice, and by sharing them he generously invites us into the always complicated and often humorous world of today’s American Indians.”