"Her Art Reads the Land in Deep Time"

Journalist Siddhartha Mitter published a story about artist Athena LaTocha in today’s issue of the New York Times. This is the fourth paragraph of the piece: “Once mainly a painter, LaTocha, 52, now operates in a vein all her own, somewhere between painting and environmental art. her works are made on sturdy, resin-coated photographic paper that she lays on te floor, often at such large scale that she must crawl across them in the studio. She repeatedly pours and spreads pools of in as well as heaps of soil and dother materials that she lets settle and pervadde the surface, then scrapes and sweeps away.” Athena created works for many of our LEAP exhibitions. The image above is a screen grab from Athena LaTocha | BK Made, by Kaykay Sublime, 2021.