Community Version of The Gift Now Available

Hot off the presses at Simpsons Printing in Rapid City, the colorful panels that comprise the community version of The Gift exhibition are now at the CAIRNS office and being prepared for transport to venues anywhere in our state and beyond. The museum version of the exhibition was on display from May to November of last year at Akta Lakota Museum in Chamberlain, South Dakota. It will next be available for viewing this spring and summer at the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings, South Dakota. The exhibition is centered on a narrative that John Lone Man shared with Frances Densmore, around 1910, about the gift of the sacred pipe from the Buffalo Nation to the Itazipco Nation. Artworks, poems and songs related to the seven ceremonies associated with the sacred pipe are also included in the exhibition. Color reproductions of the artworks, copies of poems, and QR Codes that link to online versions of the songs, are part of the community version of The Gift. The online version of the exhibition can be accessed here. The community version of The Gift, which can be displayed in nearly any space, is available for rent from one week to a month or longer. The exhibition catalog can be purchased here on the CAIRNS website.