Lakota Lands & Identities for Rapid City Area Schools: Day 5

In the photo above, participants are playing an educational game that helps them practice learning and saying the Lakota terms for numbers 1 to 10. They are in the city park of Martin. Behind them is the bus that has been our Lakota Land & Identities “classroom" since Monday. Earlier, everyone participated in an allotment activity that simulated the process of tribal citizens choosing parcels of reservation land. Beyond the bus is the oldest of Martin’s existing water towers, and beside it, one of the city’s newer water resevoirs. Today was the final day, Anpetu Zaptan, Day 5, Friday, of this version of Lakota Lands & Identities. You can read about Day 4 by clicking here, Day 3 here, Day 2 here, and Day 1 here.