Ripe Plums and Rotten Behaviors

This week’s CAIRNS Etanhan Wotanin column links the Lakotan name for this week’s full moon on August 11 with a newspaper article published 140 years ago on August 11, 1882. That article was an editorial that strongly advocated for the "throwing open" of the Great Sioux Reservation, even though it noted that the Lakotan residents of the reservation were against it being opened up for settlement by non-Lakotans. The column, “Ripe Plums and Rotten Behaviors,” can be read now by clicking here or later this week in the Lakota Times newspaper. The image above includes a map of the Great Sioux Reservation from 1877 (when it was reduced in size from its 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty boundaries) to 1889, and a map of the five Lakotan reservations in 1889 (when the reservation was reduced in size again and also divided into five separate reservations).