Front Page Indians - This Day in History

Monday, April 17, 2023

This week’s CAIRNS Etanhan Wotanin column reprints two articles that appeared on the front pages of South Dakota newspapers 25 and 50 years ago this April 15, a date that is usually Tax Day. The column began by busting the myth that American Indians do not pay taxes. Then it presented the two articles. The most recent one, from April 15, 1998, covered an apology by a parochial school for American Indian children for its treatement of those students. The older article, from April 15, 1973, covered the exasperation that some local residents of Wounded Knee felt because of the federal government’s failure to resolve the dispute. The column, “Front Page Indians - This Day in History,” can be read now by clicking here, or later this week in the Lakota Times newspaper.