Gallery Activities for Two Schools

Tongue River Elementary School’s 5th grade was the first of nine groups of students to visit the Navigating Narratives exhibition at The Brinton Museum over the next three days. Their morning visit was facilitated by the Museum Educator, the Museum Intern, a couple of Museum Docents, and the CAIRNS director. And of course, the teachers were a big help. We structured the 4th and 5th grade visits around Visual Thinking Strategies that encouraged students to carefully inspect the artworks, to answer the question, “What’s going on?” in it, and to identify specific examples to support their interpretation. The students were organized into three or four groups. Each group focused on one wall of the exhibit for 7-10 minutes and then the groups rotated so by the end of their visit they were egaged with all of the artworks. This afternoon, the Highland Park Elementary School’s 4th grade visited the exhibit. Together, there were over 120 students in these two groups. Due to photo restrictions, the photo above is of the Tongue River teachers and the museum staff. From right to left: Kristy (intern), Nicole (teacher), Janet (docent), Stephanie (teacher), Amber (teacher), Will (museum educator), and Andrew (docent, not shown).