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Can You Identify These Persons?

     This week CAIRNS received a donation of photographs. They were taken by Gordon Plowe, an Episcopal priest, and donated by Chris Plowe, one of his sons. In 1956, Gordon Plowe undertook a study of the Church-owned lands in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. Father Plowe also served as a Mission Field Priest at St. Katherine's Episcopal Church in Martin, South Dakota, and in the Pine Ridge Reservation.

     The donated photographs were probably taken in 1956 during his four-state study of Church lands, and from 1965 to 1971, when he lived in Martin and visited many of the reservations in the Church's Niobrara Deanery.

     There is very little information about the persons in the photographs, or about where the photographs were taken. So we are inviting you to look at these four pictures and see if you can recognize any of the persons or places. We appreciate any help you can provide.

     The first photograph is of three women, a little girl, and an Episcopal priest. In the background is a log cabin. The priest is identified as Reverend Mars.

August 24

     In this second photograph are two young men. We have no information regarding where the photograph was taken.

     A vibrant, abstract quilt is the central feature of this third photograph. On two sides of it are eight women, who appear to be the quilters. In the foreground is a young girl.

     This fourth photograph is of a group of women, men and children standing alongside the wall of a building that is identified as Epiphany Chapel.

     Thank you for looking at these photographs. If you know the identities of any of these persons, or where or when the photographs were taken, please contact CAIRNS by email at info@nativecairns.org or by phone at 685-6484.