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This logo is based on a box-and-border design on a robe worn by Kangi Oyate Win (Crow Nation Woman), a Lakotan, when she was painted by Karl Bodmer on June 1, 1833, at the mouth of the Teton River, which is today called the Bad River. It is one of the earliest paintings of a named Lakotan woman. Where the mouth of the Bad River flows into the Missouri River is at present-day Fort Pierre, South Dakota. After finishing his painting of her, Bodmer purchased her robe and offered to purchase her buckskin dress too, but Kangi Oyate Win refused. Her robe is now in the Linden Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Left: This is the robe that Kangi Oyate Win was wearing when Bodmer painted her. It is 83 x 62 inches and is in the Prince Maximilian zu Wied collection at the Linden Museum.

Right: This is the drawing of Kangi Oyate Win that Bodmer did in 1833 at the mouth of the Bad River.