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Distance Traveled

The fall equinox occurred at 12:48 AM while the boatmen slept along the north shore of the river. In the morning, Clark walked on shore and noted “a great smoke to the southwest, which is an Indian signal of their having discovered us.” The boatmen passed through timbered bottomlands along the north side, and beyond the opposite shore, they saw barren hills. They navigated past islands where cottonwoods, willows, red currants, and grapes grew. They saw large herds of buffalos to the north. Then, an hour before sunset, they spotted four boys on the south side. But instead of greeting the boys, they ignored them and stopped for the night in a wooded area along the north side of the river. Soon, three of the boys swam across to meet the boatmen. The boys were Titonwanians and said that their villages were not too far upriver. The captains gave the boys some tobacco and instructed them to give it to their chief and to tell him that they wished to meet with him the next day at the mouth of the next river. Then some of the boatmen ferried the boys across the river in one of the pirogues.

6:38 AM rise, 12:43 PM solar noon, 6:46 PM set

11:54 AM set, 8:47 PM rise, 81% illumination

50° at sunrise, 86° at 4 PM

SE at sunrise, SE at 4 PM

20 miles