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We were called to take a final action to suppress this ghost dance which was becoming a menace to the Tribe. ‒John Lone Man

I came to the Grand River breaks. I went down to the bottom through the soft snow. In the valley, I rode along and crossed the river ice with sand on it. ‒Red Tomahawk

It was still dark and everybody was asleep and only dogs, which were quite numerous, greeted us upon our arrival and no doubt by their greetings had aroused and awakened the Ghost dancers. ‒John Lone Man

The night before we had visitors who stayed late, and we were sleeping soundly when the police arrived. The Police came into the house and grabbed Sitting Bull out of bed and told him they wanted him in a hurry. ‒Mrs. One Bull

When we took Sitting Bull, we rushed into the house and five or six took hold of Sitting Bull striking matches in the dark. The old man said, “This is a great way to do things, not to give me a chance to put on my clothes in winter time.”

The Ghost dancers were trying to get close to the chief in every possible manner, trying to protect him. They said, “You shall not take away our chief.” The whole camp was in commotion - women and children [were] crying while the men gathered all around us. [They] said everything imaginable but had not done anything to hurt us. The police tried to keep order but it was useless - it was like trying to extinguish a treacherous prairie fire. ‒John Lone Man

Sitting Bull was brought out about forty yards from the house and was surrounded by a cordon of police with the officers in the middle of the enclosed space. ‒Shoots Walking

Our lieutenant told the Indians that were coming toward us: “Brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles and nephews, don’t do anything bad.” ‒Red Tomahawk

In the heat of the excitement, Catch-The-Bear pulled out a gun from under his blanket and fired into Lieutenant Bull Head and wounded him. ‒John Lone Man

When Captain Bull Head was shot he immediately raised his rifle and shot Sitting Bull. ‒Shoots Walking

When they fired at the lieutenant and the lieutenant was dropped, I took my gun out and fired at Sitting Bull a second fire, and at this next moment they fired in every direction, so before Sitting Bull could drop I fired a second shot again so he dropped. ‒Red Tomahawk

My uncles, do not kill me. I do not wish to die. ‒Crow Foot

In the early dawn of Monday, December 15, 1890, Sitting Bull was killed outside of his home along the Grand River in Standing Rock Reservation. Other civilians killed were Black Bird, Catch The Bear, Little Assiniboine, Crow Foot, Spotted Horn Bull, Brave Thunder and Chase Wounded. Indian policemen killed were Bull Head, Little Eagle, Afraid Of Soldier, John Armstrong and David Hawk Man.

Monday December 15

Sunrise 7:18 AM. Sunset 4:06 PM. Moonrise 10:47 AM. Moonset 8:10 PM. Illumination 17%.

High 47°. Low 39°. Partly cloudy with a flurry of snow in the afternoon followed by high winds.