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Sitting Bull’s followers fled south to Cherry Creek in Cheyenne River Reservation.  Most of them went east with Hump to Fort Bennett. Some went west and joined Spotted Elk’s people. Spotted Elk decided to lead this community of over 300 citizens of the Hunkpapa, Mniconjou, Oohenunpa, Sihasapa and Itazipco oyates to Red Cloud’s community in Pine Ridge Reservation. They left Cheyenne River on Tuesday, December 23, 1890. The following Sunday afternoon, December 28, about twenty miles from their destination, they were intercepted by the U.S. Seventh Cavalry near Porcupine Butte and taken to Wounded Knee.

Two young men came in a diagonal course across from Cherry Creek to Big Foot’s camp bringing news of the killing of Sitting Bull. ‒Joseph Horn Cloud

Tuesday December 16

Sunrise 7:21 AM. Sunset 4:06 PM. Moonrise 11:25 AM. Moonset 9:29 PM. Illumination 27%.

High 48°. Low 19°. Clear.

Wednesday December 17

Sunrise 7:22 AM. Sunset 4:07 PM. Moonrise 11:54 AM. Moonset 10:46 PM. Illumination 38%.

High 62°. Low 31°. Clear.

Thursday December 18

Sunrise 7:18 AM. Sunset 4:08 PM. Moonrise 12:17 PM. Illumination 50% (first quarter). Clear.

Friday December 19

Sunrise 7:19 AM. Sunset 4:09 PM. Moonset 12:01 AM. Moonrise 12:40 PM. Illumination 61%.

High 51°. Low 28°. Partly cloudy.

Big Foot dispatched ten of his young men to the mouth of Cherry Creek as to whether the report that had been brought was true. When they arrived there, they found 300 of Sitting Bull’s people who fled there from Standing Rock after their chieftain’s tragedy. ‒Joseph Horn Cloud

We went over and saw some women and young men who had not much clothing on and were keeping themselves warm by the fire. They were singing death songs, mourning, some crying for the death of Sitting Bull and others killed. ‒Dewey Beard

Saturday December 20

Sunrise 7:21 AM. Sunset 4:10 PM. Moonset 1:14 AM. Moonrise 1:04 PM. Illumination 71%.

High 48°. Low 32°. Sprinkle of rain in the afternoon.

A number of Hump’s band came up to Big Foot, there being some 30 wagons. That evening scouts came to the camp and reported that soldiers were coming up the River to where Big Foot was. Joseph Horn Cloud

Sunday December 21

Sunrise 7:21 AM. Sunset 4:11 PM. Moonset 2:26 AM. Moonrise 1:28 PM. Illumination 80%.

Clear to partly cloudy.

Before noon, some cavalry came and Big Foot was told to go up the river to his old camp, to his old home. He moved and that night camped at Narcisse Norcelle’s ranch under guard of the troops.Joseph Horn Cloud

Monday December 22

Sunrise 7:22 AM. Sunset 4:13 PM. Moonset 3:38 AM. Moonrise 1:56 PM. Illumination 88%.

High 45°. Low 28°. Rapidly falling temperature in the afternoon.

Now the Indians were near their old settlement. The officer refused to let them stop. Then two Indians, Henry One Eye and Standing Elk, rode up to him and, seizing his horse by the bits, they led him to Big Foot. Then this officer said, “Let me go! I will let you go to your houses.” He was released and all the Indians repaired to their camp, the soldiers going to the forks of the Cheyenne River. Joseph Horn Cloud

Tuesday December 23

Sunrise 7:23 AM. Sunset 4:13 PM. Moonset 4:49 AM. Moonrise 2:27 PM. Illumination 94%.

High 28°. Low 20°. Cloudy.

The Indians hitched up their teams and moved up the creek to the south about six miles, then bore off on the ridge toward the east about three miles. Here they stopped and had a council and decided to go to Pine Ridge. [...] They had to move ten miles to water; this brought them to a branch of the Bad River where they camped for the night. Joseph Horn Cloud

Wednesday December 24

Sunrise 7:22 AM. Sunset 4:16 PM. Moonset 5:54 AM. Moonrise 3:06 PM. Illumination 98%.

High 23°. Low 10°. Cloudy.

At noon stopped for dinner on a branch of the Bad River, moving in a south-westerly course. Going six or seven miles farther, they arrived at the big wall of the bad lands on the north side of the White River. [...] They reached the White River about sundown and crossed, the rear team getting over after dark. That night, Big Foot was taken very sick with pneumonia. Joseph Horn Cloud

Thursday December 25

Sunrise 7:21 AM. Sunset 4:17 PM. Moonset 6:58 AM. Moonrise 3:51 PM. Illumination 100% (full).

High 45°. Low 12°.

Moved eight miles to Cedar Springs, now known as Big Foot’s Spring. Had to move very slow owing to Big Foot’s sickness. Joseph Horn Cloud

Friday December 26

Sunrise 7:22 AM. Sunset 4:18 PM. Moonset 7:56 AM. Moonrise 4:42 PM. Illumination 100% (full).

High 49°. Low 35°. High winds persisting throughout the day, scattered rain in the evening, clearing up late.

Moved to a point on Red Water about one mile below Beard’s present place. In the night, one of the three men sent to the Agency returned to the camp, his name was Big Voice Thunder. He didn’t get beyond Wounded Knee, but found soldiers camping there. Dewey Beard

Saturday December 27

Sunrise 7:22 AM. Sunset 4:19 PM. Moonset 8:45 AM. Moonrise 5:39 PM. Illumination 98%.

High 48°. Low 20°.

Moved about noon and at supper time arrived at Medicine Root Creek, about where Kyle now is. Here Big Foot said he wanted to see the chiefs and urged his people to move on. They drove five miles farther to American Horse Creek where there was a log school house, and where there is now the regulation Day school no. 17. Big Foot was unable to proceed any farther, being a very sick man. Joseph Horn Cloud

Sunday December 28

Sunrise 7:21 AM. Sunset 4:22 PM. Moonset 9:26 AM. Moonrise 6:42 PM. Illumination 94%.

High 56°. Low 24°.

The camp was astir early and began the march up Yellow Thunder Creek toward Porcupine Creek. By noon they had proceeded fifteen miles. Joseph Horn Cloud

We discerned soldiers to the northeast. They had pack mules and were coming toward us, at which Big Foot said: ‘Go meet them.’ When we approached, they formed in line, pointing a cannon at us as though about to shoot. Big Foot had been too sick to ride a horse, so we had carried him in a wagon since leaving Red Water. He asked us to drive him toward the soldiers, which we did till an officer met us. I rode alongside, and when the man came near, I cried: “Don't shoot! We are going to the agency. We don't want to fight.” Joseph Horn Cloud

We are afraid. We do not know what all this means. I will go with your soldiers now, and my people will give up their guns when we reach the agency. I wish no trouble, for I am going to die. Big Foot

Made up camp at Wounded Knee creek about four o’clock in the afternoon with soldiers all around us. They gave us coffee, sugar, hardtack and a small piece of breakfast bacon. Mrs. Mosseau

Some of the soldiers told an Indian who could understand that we were to be disarmed and taken to the railroad and sent far away to the south where the ocean would be all around us. Nobody in the Indian camp slept much that night except the children, for we were going from tipi to tipi talking about our situation. Dewey Beard

The soldiers guarded round our camp. Then they put Hotchkiss guns where the cemetery is now. There were so many guns all around us I could hardly sleep at all that night. Iron Hail