And Supporters

CAIRNS was founded in 2004 and is located at Wingsprings in the Lacreek District of Pine Ridge Reservation near Martin, South Dakota.



Staff, Team & Mentors

And Institutions

Abe Katz

Ann Robertson

Charles Woodard

Corey Bettelyoun

Dixie Thompson

Emile Osborn

Fee Jacobsen

Harvey Markowitz

Janet Fleming-Martin

Jerry Lessert

Junior Bettelyoun

Lois Howe

Lowell Amiotte

Lynn Verschoor

Mabel Picotte

Peri Strain

Philip Allen

Theresa Lessert

Tyler Young

Wayne Fields

Arts South Dakota

Corfu Foundation

NoVo Foundation

Office of Indian Education at Rapid City Area Schools

Office of Indian Education at Sioux Falls Schools

Regional Health

South Dakota Art Museum

South Dakota Arts Council

Washington University in Saint Louis

Connie Smith

Dicksy & Harvey Noyes

Foundation for the Preservation of American Indian Art and Culture

Fr. Peter Powell

Eric Spears

Eric Zimmer

Gabrielle & Chris Seeley

Jennifer Dreiske

Jon Simpson

Jordan Curnutt

Kent & Sandie Howe

Mark Gabel

Patty & Bert Whitley

Roger Broer

Roseanna Renault

Rosemary Sayers

Steve Wyant

Please also see the Support page of each of our art exhibitions, the Thank Yous on the film festival pages, and other pages on this site for the names of additional persons who have supported our work.

We are so thankful to all of the individuals and organizations who have contributed to the successes of CAIRNS since its inception. There are so many that identifying each and every one of them is almost impossible. Therefore, the list of persons to the right is an effort to name those key individuals who worked for or on behalf of CAIRNS.Two of the three founding members were Lois Howe and Philip Allen. The board of directors included them and Charles Woodard, Peri Strain, and Wayne Fields. CAIRNS has been blessed with three incredibly hard-working and resourceful full-time employees who were on staff for at least two years each: Emile Osborn, Abe Katz and Tyler Young, in that sequence from 2006 to 2018. A small group of trusted and talented professionals who assisted with many of our trainings include Ann Robertson, Corey Bettelyoun, Janet Fleming-Martin, Jerry Lessert, Mabel Picotte and Theresa Lessert. Advisors and mentors, in addition to those listed above, include Dixie Thompson, Fee Jacobson, Harvey Markowitz, Junior Bettelyoun, Lowell Amiotte and Lynn Verschoor.