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Now we are going farming and will take a place where it will suit us best to farm, and our young men will go and try to get buffalo closer”. ‒BLACK ALL OVER, FORT RICE, JULY 2, 1868

Now my friends, I am going to take your presents, and am going to do what you wish. The next thing, you ask me to farm; now I will go and look at the implements and other things necessary and see if I can try it. ‒BLACK CATFISH, FORT RICE, JULY 2, 1868

If you stop at the place where we are farming you will probably laugh at the way we do it, and make us feel bad about it. The reason I mention this is because our Great Father said we should have implements to farm with, but we have been obliged to use knives and sticks in trying to work out ground. ‒LONG MANDAN, STEAMER AGNES, JULY 5, 1868

Looking deeper into the words of the article, I was further inspired by the idea of “digging and unearthing” elements of history. I wanted to correlate the act of growing crops, planting seeds, and breaking through the crust of the earth with the strength we possess as natives and the exposure of past events. ‒RENELLE WHITE BUFFALO, ROSEBUD SIOUX TRIBE, 2019

I believe in 1960/61 time frame, my father was still entitled to Article 8 of the Fort Laramie Treaty. As an eleven or twelve year old, I recall two team horses issued to my dad, along with a tractor, rake, plow and other farm implements. I also recall riding the rake and kicking the foot lever each time my dad would signal. ‒DEL IRON CLOUD, STANDING ROCK SIOUX TRIBE, 2019


Farmers in the reservation can receive $175 over four years. A blacksmith will be provided for every 100 farmers.

ARTICLE 8. When the head of a family or lodge shall have selected lands and received his certificate as above directed, and the agent shall be satisfied that he intends in good faith to commence cultivating the soil for a living, he shall be entitled to receive seeds and agricultural implements for the first year, not exceeding in value one hundred dollars, and for each succeeding year he shall continue to farm, for a period of three years more, he shall be entitled to receive seeds and implements as aforesaid, not exceeding in value twenty-five dollars.

And it is further stipulated that such persons as commence farming shall receive instruction from the farmer herein provided for, and whenever more than one hundred persons shall enter upon the cultivation of the soil, a second blacksmith shall be provided, with such iron, steel, and other material as may be needed.