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Approaches to Teaching American Indian Histories and Cultures

Teacher-created overview of tribes and reservations in South Dakota. Includes standards-based classroom activities in K-12 grade levels and various content areas. Developed by Rapid City Area Schools teachers during a course that was hosted by CAIRNS.

Color, 123 pages with illustrations and bibliographies.


8.5 x 11


Developed by the CAIRNS Curriculum Team for the Takuwe Exhibition

The CAIRNS Curriculum Team developed K-12 classroom activities that are tied to the content of the Takuwe educational art exhibition about the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre. Explore the curriculum by clicking the exhibit logo to the right.

Developed by K-16 Teachers from across the United States

Curriculum developed by attendees of some of the workshops hosted by CAIRNS. Check out the free lesson plans and activities by clicking on the CAIRNS logo to the right.

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